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The Game Changer

     Casey's love for her boyfriend, a professional basketball player, is tested when he abruptly signs a contract in Italy without consulting her first. She is left in America with a gut feeling that there is more to his latest job. So, she hops on a flight to Italy to do some investigating.

     Casey arrives in the land of wine, fashion, and pasta only to be bombarded with a surprise that will change her life forever. To find out what happens to Casey and her relationship, purchase a copy of The Game Changer.

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The Takeover

     During the first novel, The Game Changer, Casey and Chris’s relationship was truly put to the test, but they managed to keep their love intact. In The Takeover, Erin M. Wright’s sequel, the soon-to-be newlyweds are expecting their first born child, but are still bombarded with outrageous obstacles. Chris returns to Italy, ready for another basketball season but faces complications with his team’s management. While Casey had a successful run as a drug distributor and her blog is making more money than ever, she still feels unfilled – even with motherhood and decides to try her hand at a new business. With the affair between Chris and Gabi behind them, Casey learns news that will change her relationship with Chris forever. And Victor Mora continues to manipulate the couple while trying to shut his daughter out their family business. 

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