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  • Erin M. Wright

Finally, a moment to brag - a little bit.

I can say it. Here it goes. Presale is open! Phew. I cannot begin to describe the relief of finishing this project. This book has been on a journey with me. I began writing in Trieste, Italy, went through my third pregnancy, birthed our daughter in Poland, evacuated Poland due to Corona virus, and moved into our new home in D.C. Ugh. I am exhausted from typing out that timeline.

The main character, Casey, goes through myriad of emotions throughout the sequel. Even though our realities are different, I easily identified with her emotions while I created the story. This time around, my writing process was much smoother. I had plenty more bumps in the road than before (kids, moving, pandemic - you know the usual), but I had a plan! I have always been hard on myself for taking so long to complete The Game Changer. I need to remind myself that I was learning the self-publishing process (still learning) and writing a fiction novel for the first time.

Before I began writing the second book, I was sure that it would be the end of the series. But as I developed the relationship of Casey and Chris more, I saw that they have so much more growing to do as a couple and individuals. That is the beauty of writing. It will take you on a path that you didn't expect, sometimes they can be long paths while others may be dead ends. The most important part is to be willing to go where your writing takes you.

For now, my writer's hat is off and I am focusing more on the production side of the book as well as marketing. If you are familiar with the self-publishing world, then you know it is a lot of work to do on your own. Currently, I am holding my Presale for The Takeover from June 15, 2020 until July 15, 2020. What is the big deal about a Presale, you ask? Well, technically my book is not published yet, meaning it is not available for purchase on Amazon. So, you will be reserving a copy of the book (before it's published) at a discounted price, but for a limited time (last day is July 15, 2020).

I am energized, elated, and ready to really push my book and market it as best I can. If you're in self-publishing or interested in it please be sure to subscribe to my site because I will be sharing resources, my experiences, and I also offer consultations if you're in need of help with your work.

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