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  • Erin M. Wright

Still Quarantining?

Wow. Lately, 'wow' has been my go-to word for all things in the news and social media. It's almost as if the earth is disgusted with us, humans, and wants to purge and expose all our nasty habits. If you've been following me for awhile, then you know that we are currently stateside in Washington, D.C. while we try to figure out our plans for next season. Right, now, we are witnessing first hand how ugly America can be on center stage. While corona virus forced distance, the injustices going on right now against black people has made me want to isolate for good!

Even though I know that's not possible, all the uncertainty with the virus and next season is enough to worry about. As I type, I remember the silver lining. Our kids are having a ball in our backyard and have become best friends and also worst enemies at times. But we have had lots of fun with our plastic pool and tree house.

Right now, I just don't have a reason to go outside. So, I am remaining put and doing my part to try to flatten the curve, which I'm sure has spiked and headed for the highest hills by now. With that being said, I'm still outraged, sad, hurt, disgusted, and tired of the hardship we continue to endure in America as black people. My feelings have been super-glued to a yo-yo and they continuously go up and down.

It's been nearly impossible to work and be a parent in this environment that we are in currently. Hubby and I have been trying our hardest to stay sane. Thank goodness for the Peleton and instant pot. I decided to do a little internet searching - okay, a lot. I found some things to help those with kids that are going to be with them ALL SUMMER (I feel your pain) in the house, black people who are trying to process everything, anti-racism reads, and anyone else who is just bored out of their freaking minds.

Thankfully I have so much work with my book for the next few months and podcast planning (helping hubby with his new project), that I should be so busy and exhausted to complain about the given situation. Cheers to that! Be well and safe.

If you aren't dieting, I love this meal.

Activities for kids

Daily mental health activities

Talking to your children about anti-racism

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