• Erin M. Wright

Where's my superhero to look up to?

So how long have we been in this quarantine? How many goals did I set for myself? How many did I actually accomplish?

When this Pandemic first hit I had all these hopes and dreams of how I'd breathe life back into my writing career, start a business, and learn a new skill. Well, I'm slowly starting the 'breathe life back into my writing career' part. But the way my kids are set up, they have been draining all my creative energy. We've been doing egg races, baking soda/vinegar/food coloring experiments, scavenger hunts, making waffles, making slime, making more slime, and more waffles.

So, the other day, my son was explaining to me why Spider-Man (the Mile Morales version) was so great and how he promised to read more and do more push-ups so he could be smart and strong like his idol. I sat back and thought about who my potential idols were and I kept drawing a blank.

I have a list of women who I think are awesome, but where's my mother-by-day, insanely in shape, comfort food cooking guru, that is an extremely successful writer that can churn out a book in less than two weeks? Oh, and she'd have to have the most insane sneaker collection. Her superpower could be her cure-all breastmilk, X-ray vision to see through all the bullshit (although I think all moms have that already, you get it, as soon as you have your first all-nighter with your newborn), and her arms can move so fast it's as if she has an extra set. That's the superhero I want to read about in comic books. I'd love her to death. Put posters up, stalk her Instagram feed, and shamelessly have her as the background on my laptop.

I've really thought about her in-depth. I haven't decided on her name, it's between Cali and Drew - probably Drew because who doesn't love Drew Barrymore (Charlie's Angels is my all-time favorite movie). I think I'm in love with her already, maybe I should get into comics next!

I've been so up and down. I've had million-dollar ideas in my brain that later just sounded immature and dumb on paper. I've gone a week without writing, stayed up until 4 AM writing, stayed up until 2 AM deleting my 4 AM writing, and then starting the cycle all over again.

Aside from washing my hands every hour and cleaning off my groceries, COVID has taught me to give myself grace and patience with myself. My first priority has and always will be my children, but I also know I need more, want more, and will do more.

Everyone needs a superhero - even grown ass adults, to give us inspiration, hope, or courage. But I guess, I didn't have to tell you that, look at Marvel. But enough of my rambling. If you're interested or bored (which is like everyday for me lately) check out my first short story. Well, until next time!

Sincerely, E.

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